What kind of credit cards do you accept ?

We accept all major credit cards . Visa , Mastercard & American Express

How can the customers pay the extra charges ?

Customers can pay , the extra charges , either with cash or credit card . The preferred way , is cash , though . 

Do you accept a Damage Waiver ?

We don't accept a damage waiver (Non-Refundable Security Deposit) but we support a combination of Refundable and Non-Refundable Security Deposit . 

Do you offer an Insurance for the Security Deposit ?

We do offer , Insurance for the Refundable Security Deposit , through our Insurance partner , EIS . We do normally all the process with the Refundable Security Deposit and the customer's credit card . If we need to retain partially or in full the amount of the Security Deposit , then the Insurance of the Refundable Security Deposit is being activated .